New age earpieces grant a wireless, secure, waterproof, high-definition dream

A must have for the highly mobile audiophile


I used to have two pairs of earpieces. One for my commute, and during work. The other was for exercise. You see, the set I used for commute and work had excellent sound quality, but was bulky and would not stay in my ears during exercise. It was also terribly expensive, and I was always afraid that I would accidentally snap the wire or worse, drag them on the floor while running. So, I bought a pair of “exercise earpieces”, which had the old-school clip around the ear. It wasn’t very comfortable, but it was cheap and got the job done.

Those days are over. Offerings such as the HAVIT I93 TWS Mini Wireless Earbuds In-ear Bluetooth Earphone V5.0 Sport IPX5 Waterproof with 2200mAh Box Rechargeable Headset are wireless, small and compact.

The earpieces themselves fit snugly and securely into the shape of your ear even under high impact conditions, making them perfect for listening to your tunes during exercise.


The protective casing, which doubles up as a 2200mAh charging bay for both your earpieces and mobile device, is small enough to fit into the palm of your hand. And earpiece battery life life is nothing to worry about, either. The earpieces have 60 hours of music playing time, 80 hours of talk time, and 180 hours of standby time.



Sound quality is nothing to sneeze at either. Equipped with 6mm customized drivers, and supporting AAC high quality profile, these earpieces do not only provide amazing bass, but also clarity across the mid and high frequencies. Its Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities boast enhanced compatibility and smooth playback with no delay.

It even has a built in mic and supports phone calls.

sound quality


These earpieces are even waterproof, though I wouldn’t go dunking them in a glass of water anytime soon. They will, however, withstand the harshest moisture conditions during exercise, even if you choose to run in the rain.


If you’re looking for a new set of earpieces that you can use anytime and anyplace, the HAVIT I93 TWS Mini Wireless Earbuds In-ear Bluetooth Earphone V5.0 Sport IPX5 Waterproof with 2200mAh Box Rechargeable Headset are definitely my recommendation.


Other top selling alternatives for your consideration:

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