7 ways to light up the party with LED

Whether you’re attending a rave and looking to add color to your experience with LED lights, or are a party organizer intending to distribute them, you know that LED light products are always a fun proposition.

And there’s so many kinds of LED light products!

1. Color the air with these finger lights

There’s the good old finger lights, which are sure to turn heads if you are as good at dancing with your fingers, as you are with the rest of your body.

finger lights.png

2. Go all the way with these LED gloves

But if finger lights are old news to you, and you want to go bolder, why not try LED gloves? These gloves will light up entire hands, accentuating their movement in the dark. Made of cotton and powered by two 3V button batteries, which are included when you purchase a glove, they are guaranteed to take your night to the next level.

led gloves.png

3. Light up your wrists with these LED Bracelets

If you’re looking for something bolder than finger lights but LED gloves aren’t your thing, LED bracelets might be what you’re looking for.

LED bracelets.png

4. Emphasize the movement of your hair with these LED braids

Hands and fingers are definitely not the only things that sway and move during a rave or party. If you’re female, your hair moves with the music too, and very attractively too. Why not accentuate that with LED braids? Attached securely to your hair by a clip, these are delivered long enough (35cm) to match most hair lengths, and can be cut to match shorter hairstyles.

LED Braids.png

LED Braids 2.png

5. Brandish your message in the air with these customizable LED lightsticks

And let’s not forget the LED lightsticks that organizers love to hand out during their events, shall we? These come with fully customizable printing on the exterior, so whether you’re looking to promote your event, print the name of a group you belong to or even the names of your friends on them, they are definitely one of the core LED products to have at a rave or party.

LED sticks.png

6. Accentuate your eyes with LED glasses

Or if you want to accentuate your eyes, try LED glasses. Really. There is so much on you that could glow.

LED glasses

7. Make a statement with these app-controlled LED glasses

Finally, if you want to go all the way with the glasses, try these app-controlled LED Party glasses. They still allow you to see, while displaying a variety of attention catching animations. You can even customize the display to display words of various languages. You could say so much about yourself with these glasses – the possibilities are endless. My personal favorite when people drop hints about their home countries by displaying words in their mother tongue.

LED app glasses

LED glasses 2.png

LED app glasses 3

Order some of these LED products for the upcoming party before they sell out. You definitely will not regret it.

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Author: Andrew Tan

Always the intuitive one when it came to people, Andrew has met people from all walks of life. He graduated top of his class with a Business and Finance bachelor degree, and was engaged in full-time, analytical-based employment for three years before he decided to pursue financial independence on his own. Trading Cryptocurrency for the next two years, Andrew was able to travel the globe and meet different people with all kinds of wants and needs. After exiting the Cryptocurrency trading scene, Andrew decided to put his creativity, analytical ability, writing skills and uncanny knowledge of what makes people tick to use across a network of websites, including AliProductHunt.

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