Two affordable, top selling electric shavers make shaving a breeze for men

If you’re looking for a quality electric shaver which contains the latest shaving technology, but don’t want to pay through the nose for the big brand names, look no further. We’ve found two extremely affordable, top selling electric shavers for you.

1. An affordable, all-in-one electronic, waterproof solution

The TINTON TXD-1280 Electric Shaver contains the latest technology on the shaving market, and is comparable with the much more expensive brands such as Phillips and Gillette.

Operating on three floating revolving heads with dual-blade action, it shaves even the most difficult to reach areas, since the floating knife heads flex to apply completely to your skin.

And since the dual-blade action is completely separated from your skin and you need not worry about being cut.




Completely waterproof in design, it’s perfect for shaving whether you choose to do so by the sink, or in the shower. It shaves effectively whether you decide to use shaving cream or not.


Cleaning it is also effortless simply open up the rotary blades and hold under water.


It even comes with different shaving pieces – one for temple hair where higher precision is required, and one for nose hair. This electric shaver truly meets all your shaving needs.


Battery life in terms of shaving time rivals the top models in the market – about an hour. Charging time is a standard 8 hours, for a full battery. The shaver can be charged via a power socket or USB.



2. A slightly pricier but better slightly performing alternative by Xiaomi

This electronic shaver by Xiaomi, the Xiaomi Mijia Electronic Shaver, boasts similar features to the one above, is sleeker in design and requires less charging time, which is useful if you often forget to charge your electric shaver.

Requiring just 2 hours of charging time for 60 minutes of shaving time, it charges 4 times as fast.

The downside is that it is slightly pricier, and does not come with the additional head pieces for temple hair and nose hair.


Shaver 2.4.png

It does however have two specialized modes – one for general beard density, and one for extremely thick beard density, so if you’re sporting a full fledged beard, you might want to consider this alternative.


The blades themselves are made of high quality material made in Japan and Sweden. ECM craft, which is a unique design for the blades, promise greater wearing resistance.



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