Immortalize a stage of your baby’s growth with this imprint kit

A heartwarming souvenir of your baby’s growth that will be priceless in years to come

It is customary for newly-wed couples to display portraits of their wedding photos in their new home, both to immortalize the magical phase in which they decided to spend the rest of their lives together, as well as a reminder of some of the best times together.

Why not, then, do the same with your child’s journey? This Non-Toxic Imprint Kit is perfectly safe for children to use and will allow you to create hand or footprints of your child, which you can then frame up, just like your wedding photos.

It comes in various different colors too.







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Author: Andrew Tan

Always the intuitive one when it came to people, Andrew has met people from all walks of life. He graduated top of his class with a Business and Finance bachelor degree, and was engaged in full-time, analytical-based employment for three years before he decided to pursue financial independence on his own. Trading Cryptocurrency for the next two years, Andrew was able to travel the globe and meet different people with all kinds of wants and needs. After exiting the Cryptocurrency trading scene, Andrew decided to put his creativity, analytical ability, writing skills and uncanny knowledge of what makes people tick to use across a network of websites, including AliProductHunt.

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