Now you can have baby-smooth feet for the fraction of the price of a pedicure

Nothing but baby-smooth, brand new skin on your feet within a week in a painless process with this exfoliating cream

As we age, the skin on our feet hardens from continued walking. Sometimes, it even cracks, and becomes painful. This is unfortunate, as feet can be a very sensual and attractive part of the body.

Fortunately, this top selling Foot Exfoliating Cream with great reviews on AliExpress, which contains largely natural ingredients will help you achieve the baby-soft feet you’re after, within a week of use.

Foot Exfoliating Cream 5

Foot Exfoliating Cream 4

It uses a lactic acid composition and gentle formula to soften and eventually remove calluses, and is completely pain-free to use.

Its natural ingredients also replenishes nutrition for the skin, and moisturizes your feet. It’s effective on coarse and dull skin, dry dead skin, cracked heels and pretty much anything other less than optimal skin condition on the feet.

Foot Exfoliating Cream 2

Foot Exfoliating Cream 3

Here’s what you can expect in your experience of using it, over the course of a week.

Foot Exfoliating Cream

To use, you’ll want to wash and soak your feet with hot water for a couple minutes, then dry your feet. Then, cut the seals of the foot masks and place your feet in them. It’s recommended that you wear socks over the foot masks to ensure sufficient contact of the cream with your skin. Leave it on for half an hour to 90 minutes.

Foot Exfoliating Cream 6

Finally, there are certain things you should be careful about when using this cream.

1) For external use only.
2) Do not use this product if you are pregnant or nursing.
3) Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin.
4) Patch test required if first use of this product.
5) If skin irritation occurs, stop use.

So what are you waiting for? Stop paying hundreds of dollars for pedicures and get baby smooth feet with this top selling Foot Exfoliating Cream with great reviews on AliExpress.


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Epilate facial hair instead of shaving for more permanent results

Tired of having to shave regularly? Afraid that shaving will spur quicker regrowth of facial hair?

All valid concerns. That’s why so many people go for threading these days. Well, you can now achieve the same effects in the comfort of your own home with these two top selling epilators.

This Spring Facial Hair Remover is a creative product that uses metal coils to capture and extract the smallest of hairs of n your face.

Spring Facial Hair Remover

This easy to use Threading Epilator, which uses the more conventional method of threading, makes everyone a threading expert. The threading effect is created simply by repetitively pressing on one end of the clip like you would with a clothes peg.

Threading Epilator


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Hair removal cream, a revolutionary alternative to waxing or shaving

Now you can eliminate body hair so easily, it will shock you

Every female knows that a hairless body is a great look, whether at the beach, by the pool or even in the bedroom. Even males who have more body hair than they would prefer seek to reduce or eliminate its presence.

Whether it involves frequent shaving, painful waxing or even expensive laser treatment, people have long gone to great lengths to maintain their preferred amount of body hair. But never before has the elimination of body hair been so easy, with the advent of hair removal cream which yields results mere minutes after use.

If you’re looking to remove your body hair in the easiest way possible, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve found 5 top selling hair removal creams on AliExpress for you.

Take for example this Unisex Herbal Hair Removal Cream by MeiYanQiong. With thousands of fulfilled orders and a 4.7 star rating, it delivers results within 10 minutes of painless use. There’s even a video to prove it on AliExpress.

Hair removal cream.png

Hair Removal cream 3.png

Hair removal cream 4.png

Working by absorbing hair follicles, this herbal cream even leaves your skin hydrated and soothed.

Hair removal cream 2.png

It’s very simple to use, too. Moisten the target area with a wet towel, then apply the product evenly. Wait 10 minutes, or a little longer, if you’d like, then wipe across the area against the direction of hair growth with the special tool provided. A towel works too.

Hair removal cream 5.png


Other top selling alternatives for you to consider:

MEFAPO SprayAway Painless Hair Removal Cream

Smooth Body Hair Removal Spray


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4 easy ways to smile white and bright with flawless breath

It’s no secret that oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of personal grooming there is. The state […]

It’s no secret that oral hygiene is one of the most important aspects of personal grooming there is. The state of your teeth and breath may make or break your opportunities in both your career and personal life.

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll be able to find tons of stories where an interviewer rejected an applicant, or a first date was not continued with a second one due to lacklustre oral hygiene in the other person.

Oral hygiene is also an important factor in ongoing relationships, be they romantic or platonic.

Knowing this, AliProductHunt has curated the best selling oral hygiene products on AliExpress for you. All of these products are compact and travel compatible as well.

1. Teeth Whitening Serum Will Brighten Your Smile

The first thing which strikes people about your oral hygiene is the color of your teeth. A study done by the Journal of Dentistry has shown that up to half of all people are dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. And it is no wonder they are, as so many things can discolor your teeth. If you drink tea, coffee, alcohol or are a smoker, chances are you have teeth which could use a little whitening.

That’s why we’ve found the EFERO Teeth Whitening Serum for you. Perfectly safe to use and FDA approved for all ages above 13, it contains a unique blend of ingredients which are both soothing and effective in whitening. Removing exogenous pigmentation on the enamel surface of your teeth, this essence yields results in as little as 15 minutes of use.

Teeth Whitening


Before and After

Usage Instructions.png

While the appearance of your teeth is important, what likely follows quickly after a first glimpse of your teeth is a whiff of your breath.

A survey by the Oral Health Foundation in 2019 found 80% responding that a first date would not be followed by a second if the other person had bad breath on the first. Having white teeth is great, but it is the icing on the cake.

Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly are the cake. They are essential steps to ensure your teeth remains healthy and your breath fresh.

2. An Eco-Friendly, Whitening Toothbrush Fit for Travel

And this Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush is the perfect tool for you to brush your teeth with. 100% biodegradable, it is both environmentally friendly and effective. With it, you can can now clean your teeth and feel good while doing so.

The bristles, which are soft and gentle on your gums, come in different colors. I’d choose the black ones, since they contain activated charcoal which absorb the tannins that bind to your teeth and cause stains, enhancing the whitening effect of your daily brushing.


100% biodegradable.png


They are compact and comfortable to use, and even come with both bamboo toothbrush holders and travel containers to hold them in, making them perfect for both home use and travel.

Toothbrush Holder.pngTravel Container.png

3. Easier Flossing with Floss Toothpicks

And let’s not forget flossing, shall we? Regular use of dental floss removes plaque in difficult to reach areas, further helping to prevent the buildup of plaque on your teeth. It also helps to remove particles of food that may get stuck between your teeth and cause unpleasant odors, as well as causing tooth decay.

A lot of people don’t floss simply because it’s troublesome and difficult to do with the traditional thread flosses. That’s why we’ve found these Floss Toothpicks for you, which are so much easier to use. They come in compact plastic containers, which make them ideal for home use or travel.

Floss Toothpicks

4. Keep Your Tongue Clean With These Tongue Cleaners

Finally, if you want to go all the way in your oral hygiene, you can use a tongue scraper. Keeping one’s tongue clean is essential to maintaining fresh breath.

Some people brush their tongues with their toothbrushes but that is both ineffective and also encourages bacterial growth on your toothbrush, significantly shortening the effective lifespan of your toothbrush.

My personal favorite product for cleaning my tongue is this Stainless Steel Tongue Scraper. Both durable and effective, it will keep your tongue clean and breath fresh.

Tongue Scarper.png

If the idea of using a stainless steel tongue scraper is intimidating to you, you could also consider these Tongue Brushes made of plastic, which are constructed specifically for the task of keeping your tongue clean. They’re much more effective than using a normal toothbrush.

Plastic Tongue Brush.png

So what are you waiting for? Make oral hygiene easy and effective today. These purchases will go a long way in improving both your career and personal life.


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