7 affordable, high-quality, comfortable baby carriers which literally make your baby part of you

Your baby can now enjoy your experiences with you, wherever you go, without you worrying

Whether it’s about bringing your baby on a holiday, on an outing, or simply regular day-to-day mobility, these top selling baby carriers on AliExpress which have collectively been sold tens of thousands of times across the globe, will make moving around with your baby so much easier for you.

If you like what you see, simply click on the header or image and you’ll be directed to the product on AliExpress.

1. AIEBAO breathable, full body, multifunction ergonomic baby carrier

This is the top seller on AliExpress, and for good reason, too. Light, breathable, comfortable for your baby, secure, very adjustable, and containing all the features you could possibly want in a baby carrier, it supports 11 styles of carrying your baby around. It comes in a huge variety of colors, teal, blue and pink just being three of them, so you can choose a couple to suit your various outfits.





As your baby ages, they grow in size and weight and the recommended method of carrying them changes. AIEBAO has not only configured their carrier to support babies of 0-36 months of age, but also included recommendations on the best methods of carrying them depending on their age.


The built in baby seat is inclined upward at an optimal 35 degrees, creating a secure and comfortable seat which will have the baby resting against the parent’s body. The seat contains a 15mm layer of shock absorbent cushion, which will feel like sitting on a sofa for your baby.



Two storage pockets allow you to store essentials such as your baby’s milk bottle or your mobile devices.


All in all, the the AIEBAO baby carrier is the top seller and probably best option out there on AliExpress, if you’re looking to carry your baby around in a much more comfortable effortless manner.

2. A cheaper alternative by PUDUCO

A similar alternative by PUDOCO is a little cheaper but has not sold as many times as the the AIEBAO one. It’s a good alternative if you’re looking to buy multiple pieces so you have different colors to suit different outfits.



3. The Sunveno baby carrier, premium in appearance, feel and design

This alternative by Sunveno might be a little more on the pricey side, but the cost is well worth it if you’re looking for highly attractive designs and premium material. Whether you choose to go for the full denim looking design, or the hybrid design with breathable mesh material, its appearance and four easily matched color options are sure to complement you and your outfit. Definitely go for this one if you want to look your best while carrying your baby.




4. If full body carriers are not your thing, you can go for this standalone hipseat

If you prefer a more minimalist approach to carrying your baby, this stylish hipseat is probably what you should go for. As with all other baby carriers in this post, the seat is elevated upwards to ensure your baby leans against you securely. Its surface is also made of food grade silicone.


5. A mid-priced, multi-functional, longer lasting alternative with a zip pouch

Priced in between the AIEBAO and PUDOCO baby carriers, this alternative will last a little longer, supporting your baby up to 48 months of age. One of its features which defines it from the rest is a built in zip pouch. You can also use it in three different modes.





6. A comparable alternative to the AIEBAO carrier with different colors, which is sure to keep you and your baby warm

This baby carrier by Gabesy is pretty similar in design to the AIEBAO one. However, it does not feature breathable material, and is the material is actually quite thick, which is perfect if you’re living in a country which can get cold. The thicker material will also ensure that the carrier more durable. It’s also differentiated by light brown and dark brown colors, which most of the other options do not have.



7. Finally, a soft fabric, sling baby carrier if you’d rather keep your baby comfortable on his or her back

This baby carrier keeps your baby comfortable on his or her back, and also doubles up as a nursing cover, making it the most convenient option for nursing mothers.




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24 top selling baby outfits, completely affordable, on AliExpress

Look no further if you’re looking to dress your baby up, but don’t want to break the bank on something they might quickly outgrow.

Rompers, bodysuits and jumpsuits are the latest craze in dressing your young ones up. Out of the thousands of options, we’ve curated 24 of the top selling designs on AliExpress, completely affordable and sold by the most reliable manufacturers.

If you like what you see, simply click on picture and you’ll be directed to the product on AliExpress.

Happy shopping!

1. The cutest assortment of baby onesies I’ve ever seen


2. Baby jumpsuit (Male and female options available)




3. Cartoon print romper




4. Mom’s Little Boy Jumper


5. Lace Baby Girl Romper


6. Sleeveless Jumpsuit


7. Baby Girl Floral Bodysuit


8. Warm Fleece Baby Pajamas


9. Batman Romper


10. Summer Baby Girl Romper with Ruffles


11. Disney Themed Cartoon Rompers



12. Blue Baby Girl Floral Romper


13. Denim Cartoon Romper


14. Dragon Ball Themed Romper


15. M&Ms Themed Romper


16. Knitted Overalls



17. Knitted Wool Baby Girl Romper


18. Bunny Baby Romper



19. Two piece floral baby girl romper


20. Polka dot, marine themed two-piece set


21. Vintage style cotton romper


22. Baby bear pattern 3 piece set


23. Sleeveless Unisex Romper with Ruffles


24. Mommy’s little princess, daddy’s little girl jumpsuit


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15 top selling, affordable baby shoe designs on AliExpress

Look no further for baby footwear

We’ve compiled a list of 15 top selling baby shoes on AliExpress, all of which look great, are highly affordable and are sold by the most reliable manufacturers.

Collectively, these baby shoes have been sold tens of thousands of times across the globe, with positive reviews.

You can now keep your baby stylish without worrying about spending too much on something they might quickly outgrow.

If you like what you see, simply click on the header or picture and you’ll be directed to the product on AliExpress.

Happy shopping!

1. Tassel Moccasin


2. Classic Canvas Sneaker



3. Soft Moccasins


4. High Cut Canvas Shoe


5. Princess’s Soft Sole Anti-Slip


6. Soft Sole Leather Boots


7. Leather Moccasins with Sequins


8. Striped Canvas


9. Cotton Shoes


10. Princess’s Winter Boots


11. Casual Leather Laced Shoes


12. Textured Canvas Non-Slip Hard Sole


13. High Cut Leather Booties



14. Super Soft Leather Moccasins


15. Candy Colored Princess Mary Janes



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A baby sofa for your darling to enjoy shows with you safely

In an increasingly digitized world, children are starting to appreciate content on digital devices at an astoundingly young age. Chances are, your baby enjoys watching shows on the television as much, if not more than you.

If so, this Plush Baby Sofa is perfect for you. Both comfortable and secure, it will keep your baby safe while you enjoy shows on the sofa together.

plush sofa 2

plush sofa 3

Made of high quality plush and PP cotton, it’s suitable for babies 0-2 years old.

It comes in 13 different attractive designs.

Plush sofa

push sofa 4.png


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Keep your baby comfortable and safe in the shower with this bath tub

Never worry again while showering your baby

Many accidents happen at home, and a lot of them happen in the shower. According to the New York Times, the most hazardous activities for all ages are bathing, showering and getting out of the tub or shower. Injuries in or near the bathtub or shower account for more than two-thirds of emergency room visits.

That’s why you’ll want this Non-Slip Foldable Baby Bath Tub, to keep your baby both comfortable and safe during shower time.

Bath tub.png

Complete with non-slip rubber feet and a baby bath net which will keep your baby comfortable and supported in the shower, showering your baby will be never have been easier. The bath net is also easily cleaned, post-shower.

Bath tub 2

Bath tub 3

If you want to opt for even more comfort for your baby, you can opt for the cushion instead of just the net. Made of high elasticity lycra fabric, it is light in weight, breathable and quick-drying, making easy to wash

Bath tub 4.png

Bath tub 5.png


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Familiarize your child with the alphabet and ease teething pains at the same time

A meaningful toy to ease growing pains and educate your baby at the same time

If you’re looking for a teething necklace for your baby, what better necklace to get them than one which is also educational?

Teething necklaces are bought by people because they supposedly help relieve teething pains by allowing the children to chew on them.

It’s therefore important that the material it’s constructed from is perfectly safe. This top selling DIY Teething Necklace on AliExpress, which is made of 100% food grade silicone, is certified free of BPA, lead, phthalates, latex and codmium, all components which could be harmful for your baby in other products.

Coming with the letters A-Z, you can teach your child to spell his or her own name and form it into a necklace.

teething necklace 2.png

teething necklace 4.png

There’s other designs too, but I like the alphabet one best.

teething necklace 3teething necklace


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Immortalize a stage of your baby’s growth with this imprint kit

A heartwarming souvenir of your baby’s growth that will be priceless in years to come

It is customary for newly-wed couples to display portraits of their wedding photos in their new home, both to immortalize the magical phase in which they decided to spend the rest of their lives together, as well as a reminder of some of the best times together.

Why not, then, do the same with your child’s journey? This Non-Toxic Imprint Kit is perfectly safe for children to use and will allow you to create hand or footprints of your child, which you can then frame up, just like your wedding photos.

It comes in various different colors too.







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