Damaged leather? Try this solution before you go for replacement

A much cheaper alternative to fixing your damaged leather

If something has damaged your leather, be it a sofa at home or in the office, a car seat or a personal item, hold up before you commit to the huge expense of replacing the item.

This top selling Leather Repair Cream on AliExpress has proven results and great reviews.




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Never lose your pet or car keys again with this GPS Tracer

Know just where to look the moment you discover something missing

An interesting proposition that that has sold tens of thousands of times on AliExpress, this nifty GPS Tracer can be used as part of your key chain, or your pet’s collar.

Pinpointing the location of the tracker with high accuracy for distances up to 75 feet (about 22 metres), it connects to your phone via Bluetooth and has a supporting app in the app store for both Apple and Android devices.

Keychain 2.png


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2 nifty in-car accessories which must be part of your ride

AliProductHunt has sourced for the best selling car accessories on AliExpress which are very affordable and of reliable quality. 

1. The Great Escape from your Car’s Seat Belt Chime

Safety Belt Clip.png

Annoyed with your car’s seat belt chime which forces you to fasten your seat belt, even on the shortest trips? This could be the perfect solution for you. This Seat Belt Clip, made from high quality metal, will fool your car into silence. It also doubles up as a bottle opener.

2. Keep charged on the go with this USB charging port made just for cars

We all forget to charge our mobile devices from time to time, and there is nothing worse than going on a long drive when that happens. Not all cars are equipped with USB ports, so we’ve found some of the best selling USB charging ports on AliExpress.

The best selling one is the Baseus USB+ Type-C Quick Charging Output, which sports the latest technology and two USB charging ports. It’s compatible with most vehicles on the market.

USB Charger

It charges most mainstream devices at unparalleled speed, matching original charger speeds, ensuring you will be connected and online in no time.

Baseus 2

It also does not harm your device battery, as it has built in intelligent chips which will recognize your device and output the optimal voltage.


It even has built in LED lights, which together with the stylish finishing, gives a premium look to the whole package, which will certainly not detract from the stylishness of your car.


It has many safety features built in too, and so is perfectly safe to use. No risk of shorting your device or overheating on use here.


Other top selling car USB charger alternatives include:

Olaf Car USB Charger Quick Charge 3.0 2.0 Mobile Phone Charger 2 Port USB Fast Car Charger for iPhone Samsung Tablet Car-ChargerBaseus Mini USB Car Charger For Mobile Phone Tablet GPS 3.1A Fast Charger Car-Charger Dual USB Car Phone Charger Adapter in CarFIVI Car Charger Dual QC 3.0 USB Charger Fast Charge For Samsung S8 S9 S10 Xiaomi mi 9 Huawei mini USB Phone charger All Metal3.1A Dual USB Car Charger With LED Display Universal Mobile Phone Car-Charger for Xiaomi Samsung S8 iPhone 6 6s 7 8 Plus Tablet

ROCK 5V 3.4A Metal Dual USB Car Charger Digital Display For iPhone X 8 XS MAX 7 Xiaomi Samsung Fast Charging Voltage Monitoring

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