9 experience changing conveniences for everything luggage related

1. Wind your cables and wires in style

If you’re going on a trip, chances are you’re bringing some wires. There’s definitely your mobile phone charger. Maybe a laptop charger. If you’re into photography, a charger for your camera battery. Earpieces? Headphones? You get the idea.

And you’ll want to protect your wires with this Silica Gel Cable Winder. Both stylish and effective, it will keep your wires compact and prevent them from being strewn around the luggage and potentially damaged in transit. And if you get inspected at customs, the organization and aesthetics of your luggage are sure to impress your travel partners.

Cable Tie.png

2. Protect your precious devices from impact

Keeping your wires and cables securely coiled is great, but you’re going to want to keep them easy to find, together with their matching devices, right? You’re also going to want to make sure that your devices stay damage free in your luggage. Trust me, there’s few things worse than a damaged mobile device or cracked container containing staining liquid on a holiday.

Well, this Shockproof Travel Pouch, designed in Korea, will do just that for you. Buffering your fragile items with a thick, spongy yet breathable layer of air mesh, it will ensure that the most fragile of your items stay intact through the bumpy journey that is luggage transit. It even has multiple compartments which will aid you in organizing your belongings.

Shockproof Travel Pouch 2.png

It comes in various sizes that can fit most of your fragile items, from makeup containers to phones and tablets. Color options include Dark Blue, Red and Yellow.

Shockproof Travel Pouch 3.png

Shockproof Travel Pouch.png


3. And who travels with just one pair of shoes, right?

I don’t. And I’m sure you don’t, either. Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, there are different occasions that are going to require different types of footwear. Packing additional pairs of footwear into my luggage was always an issue, though, before I found these Waterproof Drawstring Shoe Bags.

Before them, I put my additional footwear in plastic bags, which I worried were not waterproof and secure enough to keep the dirt from spreading to my clothes and other belongings. So, I’d stuff the footwear in the side compartments of my luggage, which were often too small for the footwear. I damaged multiple pairs of footwear this way.

Now, I can finally store my footwear in the main compartment of my luggage without worry, and so can you. Whether you choose the medium or large size will depend on the type of footwear you’re looking to store, of course.

Shoe bag sizes.png

Shoe bag sizes 2.png

The kicker: these nifty shoe bags even have a transparent window so you can quickly identify the pair of shoes you’re looking for, and get on with your holiday.

Shoe bag look.png


4. Shoes aside, you definitely travel with cologne or perfume

Everyone wants to look their best on holiday. Whether it’s for that next instaworthy photo or simply to be at your best while meeting new people, you’re going to want to look and smell your best.

This fashionable Refillable Perfume Bottle is both good looking, easy to use and durable. Coming in an assortment of various colors, the sleek finishing gives it a very premium feel.

Perfume Bottle 2.png

To fill it up, you simply remove the cap on your fragrance bottle, and press down with the bottom.

Perfume Bottle.png


5. Keep your toothbrush sanitary

If you have a favorite toothbrush you bring around with you on your travels, you’re going to want this Toothbrush Tube Cover. Even if you pack your toiletries in a ziploc bag, the bristles of your toothbrush are going to be exposed to the interior surface of the ziploc bag which could be less than sanitary. The last thing you want to do on holiday is fall ill.

Toothbrush Tube Cover.png

Created to fit any toothbrush on the market, and coming in an assortment of attractive colors, it will help ensure that your toothbrush stays clean.

Toothbrush Tube Cover 2


6. Organize your luggage in style with these packing bags

Having traveled with quite a number of people, I noticed a trend where the more organized types would pack everything in separate ziploc bags. But those aren’t really very durable or reusable.

They’re also not as aesthetically pleasing as these Waterproof Luggage Packing Bags. Durable, waterproof, and coming in various sizes and colors, they will allow you organize and protect all kinds of things in your luggage in style.

Packing Bag.png



7. Make your luggage stand out on the conveyor belt with these luggage tags

If you’re a frequent traveler, you’ll know that trying to identify your luggage on the conveyor belt, whilst standing in the crowd, is usually a struggle. More time spent trying to identify your luggage on the conveyor belt means less time on your holiday. And a lost piece of luggage… well, means a ruined holiday. You want to make sure that if your luggage is found, any kind soul wishing to return it will be able to to do.

So, why not make your luggage stand out, and be returnable to you, with a stylish statement? This World Map Luggage Tag is sure to do that. It comes in four designs, each allowing you to write your name, mobile and address on the back.

Luggage Tag.png


8. Go a Step Further in Making Your Luggage Truly Yours

If you want to take that next step in making your luggage “you” and truly stand out, you might want to consider these stylish Luggage Protective Covers. With designs which literally range from A-Z, you’re sure to find something you jive with.

The luggage cover is made of durable, elastic fabric, and is produced for luggage of all sizes. Simply pull over the top and zip at the bottom to install.



9. Secure your shopping spree to your luggage with these adjustable nylon straps

We all have that holiday where we go on a crazy shopping spree, and end up with more than can fit in the luggage. These nifty Adjustable Nylon Luggage Straps might just save you the cost of purchasing an entire new luggage bag. The durable nylon strap supports up to 20kg of weight and is easily applied with a buckle.

Luggage Strap with shopping

Luggage strap maximum weight.png

You can even attach your other bags to your luggage if you wish, allowing you to move all your bags on wheels. When walking long distances, this will save you significant energy which is better spent on enjoying your holiday.

Luggage Strap with Bags.png


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