Halloween season is just around the corner! Get your costumes cheap and quick from AliExpress before it’s too late!

Attention Trick or Treaters! Halloween is approaching, and it’s time to dress yourselves up as who you want to be!

Here at aliproducthunts.com, we bring you the best products at great prices on AliExpress and in this post, there are tons of choices to choose from for your Halloween costume.

Halloween is for everyone, adult or child, so hurry and get your costumes for yourself and your loved ones before the season begins!

Shipping times are one to two weeks, so there’s still ample time to get your costumes before Halloween season starts!

If you see something you like, simply click on the header or the picture and you’ll be directed to the product on AliExpress. We’ve included products which will complement the overall costume to each listing as well!

1. Michael Myers Mask

You can’t have Halloween without Michael Myers! Fancy yourself as him this Halloween? Michael Myers is a famous fictional character from the Halloween series of slasher films that dates back to the 70s.

Pair this one up with a fake knife and this one will definitely creep anyone you walk up to. It might even make the kids scream in fear on Halloween! The masks has holes which allows you to see and breathe through the mask. Easily worn over the head without any hassle.



Here’s some fake knives you can put red coloring on to complete the look

AliExpress.com Product – 18cm 1pc Trick Dagger Knife Retractable SLIDE IN Blade Fun Joke Prank Halloween Prop Fake Gag Toys
AliExpress.com Product – Trick Dagger Knife Retractable SLIDE IN Blade Fun Joke Prank Halloween Prop Fake walkie talkie kids Anyoutdoor

2. Guy Fawkes Mask (in V for Vendetta)

This mask is a depiction of Guy Fawkes, also portrayed in the movie V for Vendetta. Being the highest selling mask on AliExpress, with multiple designs to choose from, why not join them, if you can’t beat them?

Paired with a smart looking suit, you’re sure to achieve the intended look. Particularly great for a group of friends looking to demonstrate their solidarity.


guy fawkes 2.jpg

guy fawkes.jpg

If you want to go hardcore Guy Fawkes, here’s the perfect top hat for the costume

AliExpress.com Product – Fedora Hat Men Women Imitation Woolen Winter Women Felt Hats Men Fashion Black Top Jazz Hat Fedoras Chapeau Sombrero Mujer 2019+

If you’re lacking the suit, here’s a high quality, full set which will last you through many occasions

AliExpress.com Product – (Jacket+Pant+Tie) Luxury Men Wedding Suit Male Blazers Slim Fit Suits For Men Wool Costume Business Formal Party Blue Classic

3. Venetian Roman Soldier Mask

Fancy yourself a roman soldier? If you wear this as a couple, the both of you are sure to be one of the most glamorous pairs in the party. Together, you’ll have people’s heads turning and might just be the center of attraction in a room. You might even meet up with someone who’s wearing similar styled masks and hit it off!



If you’re female, or looking to dress your partner up, for a bold, unique touch, pair with some of these bathrobes

AliExpress.com Product – Hot Sale Coffee Female Faux Silk Bathrobe Lounge Soft Nightwear Casual Robe Gown Vintage Design Flower Costume One Size S008

AliExpress.com Product – Silk Satin Wedding Bride Bridesmaid Robe Floral Bathrobe Short Kimono Robe Night Robe Bath Robe Fashion Dressing Gown For Women

AliExpress.com Product – RB034 2016 New Satin Bridesmaid Robes,White Faux Silk Wedding Bridal Sisters Dressing Gown/ Kimono Bathrobes

4. Venetian Masquarade Mardi Gras Mask

Paired with the right outfit, this would certainly give off a sophisticated aura, whether you are male or female, and are most likely to attract the right kind of attention you’re seeking.


If you’re female, or looking to dress your partner up, for a bold, unique touch, pair with some of these bathrobes

AliExpress.com Product – Hot Sale Coffee Female Faux Silk Bathrobe Lounge Soft Nightwear Casual Robe Gown Vintage Design Flower Costume One Size S008

AliExpress.com Product – RB032 2018 New Silk Kimono Robe Bathrobe Women Silk Bridesmaid Robes Sexy Navy Blue Robes Satin Robe Ladies Dressing Gowns

AliExpress.com Product – Silk Kimono Robe Bathrobe Women Satin Robe Silk Robes Night Sexy Robes Night Grow For Bridesmaid Summer Plus SizeS-XXXL 010412

5. Creepy Horse Mask

How about scaring some of your friends or even ‘trick or treaters’ when you open the door for them, in an animalistic way. This creepy horse head mask, available in 3 colors, is sure to make people jump in shock. Made up of latex and faux fur, no actual horses were harmed!

6. Gothic Black Military Mask

Imagine walking through a dimly lit corridor to find someone wearing this mask, glaring straight at you. Who wouldn’t be freaked out? You can pair it with a robe or military uniform to achieve maximum impact.

If you need a legit looking military uniform to go with this mask, try pairing it with this

AliExpress.com Product – Tactical Camouflage Military Uniform Clothes Suit Men US Army Hunting clothes Militar Combat Shirt + Cargo Pants Knee Pads

Want a hood instead? Try the one below.

7. Gothic Hooded Robe, Perfect with Most Masks

Most masks would go perfectly with a Gothic-styled hooded robe on Halloween. Since we want to help you obtain your entire Halloween outfit cheap on AliExpress, we’ve sourced for this for you as well.

AliExpress.com Product – Gothic Hooded Stain Cloak Wicca Robe Witch Larp Cape Women Men Halloween Costumes Vampires Fancy Party Size XL

8. Jigsaw Mask, Perfect for You or Your Kid

You definitely know who Jigsaw is. You’ve watched the Saw series, right? Pair it with a tricycle and suit and you’ve got one classic Halloween costume that that’ll blow everyone’s socks off. For the perfect touch, you could even dress your kid up as Jigsaw! Finding the right sized tricycle would be much easier.



And here’s the perfect suit for your baby if you wish to dress them up as jigsaw

AliExpress.com Product – Baby Boys Gentlemen Bowknot Rompers Long Sleeve Suit Infant Jumpsuit Formal Suit Toddler

9. Another Alternative for You and Your Kid, the Hogwarts Set

If you, your kid or even your entire family plan to go full-on Harry Potter for Halloween, this is a golden find for you! This Hogwarts set will have you looking like you leaped right out of one of J.K. Rowling’s books.


10. A High Quality Batman Mask for Every Batman Fan

Calling all batman fans out there! Want to be batman for Halloween? Your wait is finally over, time to trick or treat or maybe even kick some villian butt! Shipped directly to your front door with only a few clicks. Made out of latex rubber with holes for breathing, bring cosplay to a whole new level with this batman mask.


You’re going to need a robe with this Batman mask.

AliExpress.com Product – Gothic Hooded Stain Cloak Wicca Robe Witch Larp Cape Women Men Halloween Costumes Vampires Fancy Party Size XL

11. Creepy LED Masks (commonly worn by DJs)

There’s never a party where LED is out of place. These creepy LED masks are both highly unsettling and are definitely likely to attract attention in a dark room. Paired with a matching colored hoodie, you can even go for that DJ look.



We’ve even sourced for some pretty unique looking hoodies for you so you can complete the look

There’s some plainer looking options too, if that’s your thing.

AliExpress.com Product – Space Galaxy Hoodies Men/Women Sweatshirt Hooded 3d Brand Clothing Cap Hoody Print Paisley Nebula Jacket

AliExpress.com Product – 3D Ahegao Hoodies Hooded Women Men Funny Shy Girl Face Sweatshirt Hentai Manga Streetwear Harajuku Oversized Zip Up Jackets Tops

AliExpress.com Product – TUNSECHY Brand Cosmos 2018 Fashion Brand 3D hoodies cartoon rick and morty print Women/Men Hoody casual hooded sweatshirts

AliExpress.com Product – SLOUPPG New 2019 Fashion men’s Hoodies Chinese style oversize Streetwear Casual hoodies spring men top Cotton hip hop swearshirt

AliExpress.com Product – Autumn Fashion Women Hoodies Casual Fleece Loose Pullover Sweatshirt Harajuku Printed Female Hooded Tops ~

AliExpress.com Product – Billie Eilish Fashion Printed Hoodies Women/Men Long Sleeve Hooded Sweatshirts 2019 Hot Sale Casual Trendy Streetwear Hoodies

AliExpress.com Product – Japanese Funny Cat Wave Fleece Hoodies Winter Style Hip Hop men/women Printed hoodie Casual printing Sweatshirts Streetwear

AliExpress.com Product – Lil Peep Hoodies Love lil.peep men Sweatshirts Hooded Pullover sweatershirts male/Women sudaderas cry baby hood hoddie S-XXXL

12. Big Nose, Horrible Teeth Mask

We all know that common perceptions of beauty are a sharp, well defined nose, and straight, gleaming teeth. But we want to to look as horrible as possible on Halloween, don’t we? This mask is perfect for achieving that, with a touch of funny.

Covering only half your face, it won’t be as stuffy wearing it as the full faced masks. We’ve included three different shops with unique designs for your selection.




13. Monster Latex Mask Selection

Featuring nine different designs, this you’re highly likely to find your favorite flavor of horrible looking among the choices. If you’re in charge of getting Halloween masks for a group of friends, this shop is the perfect place to go to ensure everyone will look unique.


14. Classic Zombie Mask

Fancy yourself a zombie on Halloween? Need a party night a to express how dead you feel from the daily grind? This classic looking zombie mask is perfect for you. With the right demeanour, limping gait, ripped, bloody clothing and muddy looking skin, you will look like you’ve just risen from the grave.


15. Another assortment of monster latex masks

Here’s another rich assortment of monster latex masks that are significantly different from the assortment above. My personal favorites are the red devil head mask and the skull mask. You’ll probably find something you like, too!


16. The most horrible looking zombie masks I’ve ever seen

This zombie mask, which deserves a recommendation of its own, oozes an appearance of decay, and makes you look like you’ve just finished feasting on another human being. Complete with remnant strands of white hair, rotting teeth and decayed, blood stained flesh, if you’re looking to look as fearsome as possible during Halloween, this is the one to go for.



17. Bunny ears for the playful female

If you’re looking for a more playful, sexy angle this halloween, you’ve not been left out in our search for the best halloween masks. This bunny ear mask will have you looking playful, sexy and coy all at once. We’ve included two different stores with unique looking designs for your selection.



Playful masks call for playful clothes, so try matching these masks with some of the clothes below

AliExpress.com Product – Printed Black Female Silk Rayon Kimono Classy Flower Robe Bath Gown Chinese Vintage Home Dress Pajama Nightgown One Size A128

AliExpress.com Product – New Women Sexy Short Kimono Negligee Gown Purple Floral Wedding Bride Bridesmaid Robe Nightwear Satin Print Sleepwear Pajamas

18. Unique looking, fabric masks which won’t suffocate you

If you’re looking to be unique this Halloween but don’t want to feel suffocated beneath a latex mask, these pullover or headscarf fabric masks are perfect for you. There’s a multitude of selections for you to choose from from the store we’ve recommended.


19. Dog masks which embrace your sexuality with a bold statement

These dog hood masks, which are commonly featured in BDSM scenes, will be a strong statement about your sexual preferences on Halloween. Such masks are typically worn by submissive partners, and who knows, you might just meet someone with similar interests!


If you don’t want to go almost topless, these dog masks would go perfectly with apparel below

AliExpress.com Product – Lady Sexy black PVC Hollow Out Faux Leather Latex Zentai Catsuit Wetlook Jumpsuit Erotic Lingerie PU Bodysuit Club wear overalls

AliExpress.com Product – Black wetlook Faux Leather Long Sleeve Open Crotch pvc Catsuit with Zipper Sexy Lingerie Latex Catsuit Fetish Wear Sexy Costumes

AliExpress.com Product – Weirdgirl Women pu leather Bodysuits Sexy Party Black v-neck Skinny Sleeveless Spring Highstreet Spaghetti Strap Rompers New

AliExpress.com Product – JULISSA MO Sexy V Neck Knitted Bodysuit Women Black Long Sleeve Buttons Rompers Womens Jumpsuit 2018 Casual One-pieces Bodysuits

AliExpress.com Product – Mesh Large Size Women’s Lace Robe Solid Color Perspective Lace Robe Sexy Women Attractive Home Wearing

AliExpress.com Product – SAROOSY New Sexy Wetlook PVC Latex Bodysuit for Women Double Zipper Open Crotch Nightclub Dance Wear Leather Lingerie 2 Size Fit

20. Lace masks, a light, mysterious elegant touch that leaves the emphasis on you

So, you want a special appearance on Halloween but don’t want to look completely different from who you actually are. These lace eye masks will be the perfect touch for you, as they will give you a mysterious and elegant look. We’ve included three different stores with many different unique designs for your selection




21. Full fledged, royal venetian mask

Want an aura of sophisticated malice during the Halloween party to which will keep all but the boldest approaches away? This full-on, royal venetian mask will help you achieve the task.


This one will go perfectly with the luxurious bathrobe below

AliExpress.com Product – Women Men Extra Long Warm Dobby Coral Fleece Bathrobe Winter Thick Flannel Thermal Bath Robe Kimono Dressing Gown Bride Peignoir

22. Assortment of animal head masks

Whether you’re an animal lover or simply want to act like one during Halloween, this huge assortment of animal head masks will aid you in your endeavours.


23. SNORT! Pig nose

If you want to go as a pig for Halloween, you’re going to need the nose. In fact, that’s probably the only thing you’ll need. This pig nose is light and easily breathable through, if you’re looking for a less cumbersome mask.


24. Fabric face masks

Finally, another selection of face masks for those looking for a light touch during this coming Halloween. These face masks will keep you looking unique and slightly mysterious.


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