Unicorns are real, at least on beach/yoga mats

Make a bold statement with this beach mat, which doubles up as a yoga mat

The beach and yoga sessions are both places of tranquility. There’s something magical about simply being present at the edge of a body of water of such great size that we are minuscule in comparison, or being so focused and present in the moment that you your body transcends physical challenges you never thought you were capable of.

And this Unicorn Microfiber Beach/Yoga Mat makes those experiences all the more magical. Coming in many different very unique designs, they are sure to turn heads whether you are at the beach or a yoga class. There are non-unicorn designs as well.

Weighing a light 450g despite being of moderate thickness, this Beach/Yoga towel does well in both absorbing perspiration and separating you from the hardness of the floor, or keeping the sand out of your attire. It packs up into a compact backpack too, so transportation of it is both fashionable and easy.



What are you waiting for? Make a bold statement at the beach or your yoga class with the Unicorn Microfiber Beach/Yoga Towel!

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