Use your devices comfortably, anywhere, with this portable stand

Say goodbye to neck and back pain from using your devices

I love watching Netflix movies in bed. Or at the coffee table on the sofa. Or at the dining table, while eating dinner. Perhaps even the floor. The table I used to work at in the office was also too low. All these situations resulted in me having to strain my neck to look at the screen, causing long-term, chronic neck strain.

This Portable Device Stand fixes all that.

Made of durable aluminum alloy and ABS plastic, it is ergonomic and sleek in design.

Compact with dimensions of 52.5 x 26.4 x 5cm , it weighs a mere 1.5kg.

It is foldable, with an angle range of 0~360°, which will allow you to adjust it to any height. This ensures you can use it anywhere you need elevation of your devices.

It even comes with a plastic mousepad holder, if you need to use a mouse.

Portable Laptop Table.png

It’s even ventilated at the bottom to prevent overheating of your device.



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