A baby sofa for your darling to enjoy shows with you safely

In an increasingly digitized world, children are starting to appreciate content on digital devices at an astoundingly young age. Chances are, your baby enjoys watching shows on the television as much, if not more than you.

If so, this Plush Baby Sofa is perfect for you. Both comfortable and secure, it will keep your baby safe while you enjoy shows on the sofa together.

plush sofa 2

plush sofa 3

Made of high quality plush and PP cotton, it’s suitable for babies 0-2 years old.

It comes in 13 different attractive designs.

Plush sofa

push sofa 4.png


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Make sure your pet never goes hungry or lonely with this smart food bowl

This will help you be the best pet owner possible

The last thing you want for the pet you love is for it to go hungry or lonely due to your busy schedule.

Worry no longer. No more rushing home to feed your pet after ending work later than usual. No more asking a family member or friend to stay in to feed your pet.

This Smart Food Bowl feeds your pet and lets you communicate with it whenever you want.

Automatic Pet Feeder.png

Made of BPA-free plastic, it is perfectly safe to use for your pets. It carries up to 3 pounds of food in its storage unit, and is suitable to feed medium or small pets for up to 4 pre-set mealtimes a day. You can even record your voice as a mealtime alarm.

Built in infrared detection prevents over-dispensing of food, which might create a mess, if your pet does not finish its previous serving, for whatever reason.

Automatic Pet Feeder 2.png

But that’s not the kicker. You can remain in communication with your pet even while away from home. This feeding bowl connects to WiFi, and connects to an app on your mobile phone which is available on both Apple and Android platforms. The built in 1080 pixel high-definition camera and microphone will let you talk to your pet, anywhere, anytime, as long as you have an internet connection.




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