Cooling microfiber sport towels enhance your post workout glow

Revolutionize your exercise experience with this new age towel

Many people new to exercise do not realize that the towel is an integral part of one’s exercise experience. And I mean, you need a towel for pretty much every kind of exercise you do, so why not make sure you’re getting the best, right?


A great towel is durable, gentle on the skin, light, easy to wring water out of and dries quickly on its own. This Cooling Microfiber Sport Towel gets that all right.

Coming in a huge assortment of different colors, these towels are aesthetically pleasing and are definitely a good add to your exercise outfit. It even comes with a bottle, which will allow you to store your used towel in your exercise bag without worry.



What makes this towel so great, and why is it called “cooling”? Well, for starters, it’s woven using premium quality, absorbent, breathable, eco-friendly, chemical free, soft and lightweight fabric which doesn’t drip. The fabric also prevents skin from becoming embedded in the material, and therefore does not encourage growth of bacteria.


It’s called “cooling” because it is sun-resistant and does not absorb heat easily. In fact, if you wish to cool yourself off after a long exercise session, you could actually store the towel with ice and water in the bottle prior to your workout. Simply wring it out and enjoy once you’re done with your workout.


Look no further. The Cooling Microfiber Sport Towel is the perfect exercise towel for me, and I am pretty sure it will be for you too. The manufacturers have obviously put in a ton of thought to cater to what you would want in an exercise towel.

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