7 affordable, high-quality, comfortable baby carriers which literally make your baby part of you

Your baby can now enjoy your experiences with you, wherever you go, without you worrying

Whether it’s about bringing your baby on a holiday, on an outing, or simply regular day-to-day mobility, these top selling baby carriers on AliExpress which have collectively been sold tens of thousands of times across the globe, will make moving around with your baby so much easier for you.

If you like what you see, simply click on the header or image and you’ll be directed to the product on AliExpress.

1. AIEBAO breathable, full body, multifunction ergonomic baby carrier

This is the top seller on AliExpress, and for good reason, too. Light, breathable, comfortable for your baby, secure, very adjustable, and containing all the features you could possibly want in a baby carrier, it supports 11 styles of carrying your baby around. It comes in a huge variety of colors, teal, blue and pink just being three of them, so you can choose a couple to suit your various outfits.





As your baby ages, they grow in size and weight and the recommended method of carrying them changes. AIEBAO has not only configured their carrier to support babies of 0-36 months of age, but also included recommendations on the best methods of carrying them depending on their age.


The built in baby seat is inclined upward at an optimal 35 degrees, creating a secure and comfortable seat which will have the baby resting against the parent’s body. The seat contains a 15mm layer of shock absorbent cushion, which will feel like sitting on a sofa for your baby.



Two storage pockets allow you to store essentials such as your baby’s milk bottle or your mobile devices.


All in all, the the AIEBAO baby carrier is the top seller and probably best option out there on AliExpress, if you’re looking to carry your baby around in a much more comfortable effortless manner.

2. A cheaper alternative by PUDUCO

A similar alternative by PUDOCO is a little cheaper but has not sold as many times as the the AIEBAO one. It’s a good alternative if you’re looking to buy multiple pieces so you have different colors to suit different outfits.



3. The Sunveno baby carrier, premium in appearance, feel and design

This alternative by Sunveno might be a little more on the pricey side, but the cost is well worth it if you’re looking for highly attractive designs and premium material. Whether you choose to go for the full denim looking design, or the hybrid design with breathable mesh material, its appearance and four easily matched color options are sure to complement you and your outfit. Definitely go for this one if you want to look your best while carrying your baby.




4. If full body carriers are not your thing, you can go for this standalone hipseat

If you prefer a more minimalist approach to carrying your baby, this stylish hipseat is probably what you should go for. As with all other baby carriers in this post, the seat is elevated upwards to ensure your baby leans against you securely. Its surface is also made of food grade silicone.


5. A mid-priced, multi-functional, longer lasting alternative with a zip pouch

Priced in between the AIEBAO and PUDOCO baby carriers, this alternative will last a little longer, supporting your baby up to 48 months of age. One of its features which defines it from the rest is a built in zip pouch. You can also use it in three different modes.





6. A comparable alternative to the AIEBAO carrier with different colors, which is sure to keep you and your baby warm

This baby carrier by Gabesy is pretty similar in design to the AIEBAO one. However, it does not feature breathable material, and is the material is actually quite thick, which is perfect if you’re living in a country which can get cold. The thicker material will also ensure that the carrier more durable. It’s also differentiated by light brown and dark brown colors, which most of the other options do not have.



7. Finally, a soft fabric, sling baby carrier if you’d rather keep your baby comfortable on his or her back

This baby carrier keeps your baby comfortable on his or her back, and also doubles up as a nursing cover, making it the most convenient option for nursing mothers.




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